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Willkommen beim Fachgebiet Software and Embedded Systems Engineering


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  • Qualitätssicherung für eingebettete Systeme
  • Software-Engineering für eingebettete Systeme
  • Entwurf und Synthese eingebetteter Systeme

Aktuelle Veröffentlichungen

Guilherme Grochau Azzi and Andrea Corradini and Leila Ribeiro (2019). On the essence and initiality of conflicts in M-adhesive transformation systems. Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming. Elsevier.

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Timm Liebrenz and Paula Herber and Sabine Glesner (2019). A Service-oriented Approach for Decomposing and Verifying Hybrid System Models. International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software. Springer.

Klös, Verena (2019). Explainable Self-Learning Self-Adaptive Systems. Explainable Software for Cyber-Physical Systems (ES4CPS), 46.

Tobias Pfeffer and Sabine Glesner (2019). Timing-Sensitive Synchronization for Efficient Secure Multi-Execution. Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Cloud Computing Security Workshop. ACM, 153–164.



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