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Willkommen beim Fachgebiet Software and Embedded Systems Engineering


Übersicht Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2022/23 jetzt online

Ab sofort finden Sie unter "Studium und Lehre" eine Übersicht über unsere Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester.



  • Qualitätssicherung für eingebettete Systeme
  • Software-Engineering für eingebettete Systeme
  • Entwurf und Synthese eingebetteter Systeme

Aktuelle Veröffentlichungen

Paula Herber and Verena Klös (2016). A Multi-Robot Search Using LEGO Mindstorms – An Embedded Software Design Project. ACM SIGBED Review, Special Issue on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Education. ACM.

Sebastian Schlesinger and Paula Herber and Thomas Göthel and Sabine Glesner (2016). Proving Transformation Correctness of Refactorings for Discrete and Continuous Simulink Models. ICONS 2016, The Eleventh International Conference on Systems, EMBEDDED 2016, International Symposium on Advances in Embedded Systems and Applications. IARIA XPS Press, 45-50.

Nils Jähnig and Thomas Göthel and Sabine Glesner (2016). Refinement-Based Verification of Communicating Unstructured Code. Software Engineering and Formal Methods - 14th International Conference, SEFM 2016. Springer, 61–75.

Verena Klös and Thomas Göthel and Sabine Glesner (2016). Formal models for analysing dynamic adaptation behaviour in real-time systems. 2016 IEEE 1st International Workshops on Foundations and Applications of Self* Systems (FAS*W). IEEE, 106-111.

Martin Lowinski and Dirk Ziegenbein and Sabine Glesner (2016). Splitting tasks for migrating real-time automotive applications to multi-core ECUs. Proceedings of the 11th IEEE Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES 2016), 113-120.



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