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Scalable Multi-Core Simulation Using Parallel Dynamic Binary Translation
Zitatschlüssel seeker2011multicoresim
Autor Oscar Almer and Igor Böhm and Tobias Edler von Koch and Björn Franke and Stephen Kyle and Volker Seeker and Christopher Thompson and Nigel Topham
Jahr 2011
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/SAMOS.2011.6045461
Adresse Samos, Greece
Journal Proceedings of the International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation (SAMOS'11)
Monat July
Zusammenfassung In recent years multi-core processors have seen broad adoption in application domains ranging from embedded systems through general-purpose computing to large-scale data centres. Simulation technology for multi-core systems, however, lags behind and does not provide the simulation speed required to effectively support design space exploration and parallel software development. While state-of-the-art instruction set simulators (ISS) for single-core machines reach or exceed the performance levels of speed-optimised silicon implementations of embedded processors, the same does not hold for multi-core simulators where large performance penalties are to be paid. In this paper we develop a fast and scalable simulation methodology for multi-core platforms based on parallel and just-in-time (JIT) dynamic binary translation (DBT). Our approach can model large-scale multi-core configurations, does not rely on prior profiling, instrumentation, or compilation, and works for all binaries targeting a state-of-the-art embedded multi-core platform implementing the ARCompact instruction set architecture (ISA). We have evaluated our parallel simulation methodology against the industry standard SPLASH-2 and EEMBC MULTIBENCH benchmarks and demonstrate simulation speeds up to 25,307 MIPS on a 32-core x86 host machine for as many as 2048 target processors whilst exhibiting minimal and near constant overhead.
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