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Dr.-Ing. Robert Reicherdt


Hu, W., Wegener, J., Stürmer, I., Reicherdt, R., Salecker, E. and Glesner, S. (2011). MeMo – Methods of Model Quality. 7. Dagstuhl-Workshop Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems (MBEES 2011)

Salecker, E., Reicherdt, R. and Glesner, S. (2011). Calculating Prioritized Interaction Test Sets with Constraints using Binary Decision Diagrams. 1st Int’l Workshop on Variability-intensive Systems Testing, Validation & Verification (ICST-VAST2011). IEEE.

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Reicherdt, R. and Glesner, S. (2012). Slicing MATLAB Simulink models. 34th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), 551 -561.

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Herber, P., Reicherdt, R. and Bittner, P. (2013). Bit‐precise Formal Verification of Discrete‐Time MATLAB/Simulink Models using SMT Solving. International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT'13), 1-10.

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Glesner, S. and Reicherdt, R. (2014). Methods of Model Quality in the Automotive Area. Software Engineering. Köllen, 73-74.

Reicherdt, R. and Glesner, S. (2014). Formal Verification of Discrete-Time MATLAB/Simulink Models using Boogie. 12th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods. Springer, 190-204.

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